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The Quilt


From September 2000 through October 2002 six women from the Jewish Community of the Palouse created a special quilt, reflecting our heritage, to be hung and used as a focal point at our ceremonies and celebrations. Please click here or on the image of the quilt to learn more about it and the people who created this work of art.





Who We Are


The Jewish Community of the Palouse offers cultural, religious and social activities for Jews living in Pullman, Moscow and the surrounding areas of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho including Washington State University and the University of Idaho.  We are an unaffiliated community that is open to all members of the Jewish faith.  It is our goal that Jews of all backgrounds, whether Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist, feel comfortable participating in our community.  Families of mixed marriages are also welcome and encouraged to participate.  

Our activities include High Holiday services, Sukkot, Hannukah, and Purim celebrations, Friday, and Saturday services, a Sunday evening discussion group and a Sunday School program for children 5 to 12.  

We have no Rabbi, so we depend on our members to help organize events, programs and lead services.  

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