Joziann Cooking

Josiann does all the cooking for the family. Many people drop by at mealtimes. Because they are hungry. Sometimes they get fed, and sometimes they don’t. I have no idea how all that works. My teacher’s salary pays for the food that I eat. It’s enough to upgrade the quality of everyone’s nutrition. But we don’t sit down and eat together. When the food is ready, you get a bowl or a plate and sit somewhere in the yard and eat it. It’s rude to chat with someone who is trying to eat. It’s not rude to eat in front of someone and not share. Sometimes I notice that the others in the family aren’t eating food that’s as good as I’ve been given. In comparison to what these people have, my wealth is immeasurable. It is hard to know how to respond to this fact.

Josiann is straining coconut milk which will go into the soup. Tabita, her youngest is looking at the camera. You can see the back of Etine’s head. Notice the 3 rock cooking fire. Sometimes gathering sticks to cook with takes a long time. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to find another stick in this barren countryside at all.