What can you do?

Educate yourself.

How did Haiti get to be in the condition it is today? Has this happened in other places? When people suffer poverty and misery, what are their lives and their hopes like? Seek out and hold in your mind information about global justice, despite the confusion and tension that may arise. Creative, approopriate responses will occur to you.

Learn about and imagine what life would be like with almost no possessions.

Imagine how your life and attitudes might be different if your culture valued family and community ties over individual achievement, interdependance over independance.

Two websites that are good jumping off points from learning about many aspects of life in Haiti are Windows on Haiti and Bob Corbett's Haiti Page

Consume only your share of the world's resources

What does that mean? How could you find out? How would go you about doing that? It's something worth thinking about.

Visit Matenwa

It's an arduous journey, not for the faint hearted, and once you get here, the conditions might not be to your liking. Still the community is delighted and honored by visitors. Perhaps you have a skill you could share. Or you might simply come to observe, to learn, to see. This probably the most valuable thing any of us can do anyway--make connections with other humans. You could grow to love it here.

Help financially

If you give me money, I'll try to spend it responsibly. More about that here.

Email Chris or Nancy for more information about Matenwa, or to discuss ideas you might have for projects in the community.