What your contribution can support:

Building cisterns for home vegetable gardens. Lack of water in the dry season is the greatest obstacle for families to raise vegetables at home. Materials and labor for a cistern are about $500 US. Citizens are loaned money to build a cistern. Money that is repaid is used to build more cisterns.

Workshops and training about gardening and ecology for Matenwa citizens. This includes both bringing Haitians to Matenwa to conduct workshops and trainings, as well as organizing trips for Matenwa citizens to visit successful gardening and reforestation projects on Lagonav and on the Haitian mainland.

Purchasing digital recording equipment for the radio station in nearby Gran Sous. This will allow the station to produce public service anouncements and informational spots about the environment, as well as record, edit and rebroadcast interview shows, such as the one when the agronomist Jean Rene talked about his 15 years work on environmental and food production issues on Lagonav.

Tax-deductible contributions can be mailed to:

Beyond Borders
P.O. Box 2132
Norristown, PA 19404

Please write "Matenwa/Nancy" on your check. This ensures that 100% of the money that you send will be spent on these programs. If you ask, Beyond Borders will send you their monthly newsletter. Usually there is some information from Matenwa in the newsletter, as well as information about other efforts Beyond Borders supports, primarily literacy and education.

Contributions can also be sent directly to Nancy:

Nancy Casey
PO Box 9856
Moscow, ID 83843