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See the December 20, 1999 update for the latest info.  
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History of the Project

This page is to document the status, and to generate pledges for the pro-gun rights billboard project I'm working on.  Originally I was working with the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).  They were very helpful, but after talking with Alan Gotlieb at the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) I think our money is spent a little better through them.  In addition, they are close enough I can stop by and talk with them, and they are willing to take over the project rather than for me to continue to administrate the project.

This was project occurred because I sort of got volunteered through attending some meetings at the Microsoft Gun Club.  Anyway, I'm organizing the raising of the money and the paper/organizational work to actually get the billboards up.  The billboard(s) will probably go up in Seattle someplace.

Here are some of the details.

JPFO and SAF were both willing to actually write the check to the billboard company. We send them the donations to match what they pay. Since they are a 501 (c)(3) corporations we can write it off our taxes. Also, for people that work for companies that match charitable donations the company will match your funds. Pretty cool, huh?

JPFO has suggested a couple different billboards they have used in the past.  In either case the billboard would have the JPFO web address and a phone number. Probably of JPFO's phone number.  

One of the JPFO suggested billboards has a theme like this:

Another JPFO theme that several people have expressed a strong interest in is the image labeled "front" below (BTW, you can get this as a T-shirt from JPFO):

After discussion with an number of people, including Alan Gotlieb at the Second Amendment Foundation I have decided that the two messages above will probably not achieve the desired results.  They are great for "rallying the troops", but they "turn off" a LOT of other people.  I suggested to Alan/SAF something like this:

But Alan didn't feel comfortable with it either.

So, I suggested a variation of a quote that I picked up from John Fogh (see my self-defense quote collection) Nothing says, "Please don't rape me." like jacketed hollowpoints.  Alan and I worked on that for a while (Alan did most of the modifications) and changed it to Nothing says, "Please don't rape me." like a <insert cartoon like picture of gun>Sort of like the following:

Except, it should say "please don't...".   Also, I think the gun should point to the right, not the left, and it should be more cartoon like. Sort of a caricature of a gun and it probably should be a revolver as well.

June 4, 1999 update

Last night I had a meeting with about ten of the original people interested in contributing to the project.  I was able to sell them on the messages and we have agreed to continue.  We will let SAF decide the location and the exact art work to be used.

I got back in touch with SAF and suggested that to make the monthly pledges go smoothly (and I don't have to come around had break kneecaps to make sure you follow through) we could just give SAF credit card numbers and they could take the pledge amount out once a month.  This gives the added advantage of only doing one set of paperwork for the matching gift rather than one each month.  The amount on the matching gift form is the total amount you will give over the period, say 12 months.  So if you are pledging $20/month for 12 months you tell your company (Microsoft/Boeing/etc) that you have donated $240.  Even though you haven't actually transferred the money, SAF believes the signed commitment to donate with your credit card number will be sufficient for them to apply for the matching funds.  For people that have minimum amounts (like $50) before their company will match this will work great for them.

Because of the time lag on these things we probably won't be seeing our first billboard go up at least until late July or August.  

What You Need To Do

Print out the text below, fill in the information, and mail it to SAF.  Then go to your company and fill out the appropriate matching gift paperwork and file it.   If you want to give just a one time gift, then a check instead of a credit card is fine.

Billboard Project

Credit card number:
Type (VISA/MC):
Monthly amount:
Number of months:
One time amount:
Total amount:
Matching gift donor (Microsoft/Boeing/whoever):


Second Amendment Foundation
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December 20, 1999 update

I talked to Alan Gottlieb again today.  I've talked to him several times in the past few months but there never was any good news so I have been postponing this, but it's way past time to report.

Basically there aren't any billboards available in the Seattle area.  When the cigarette companies got booted, the billboard companies hired a bunch of sales people and they have been keeping the billboards filled.  There is some sort of 'challenge' system involved, but we/SAF haven't been able to get our message up yet.  There is no estimate of when we will be able to see our message up. The money we have sent in has been earmarked for this project and I expect that eventually we will see the message up, but I can't tell you when at this time.

August 31, 1999 update

The first billboards should show up in Seattle in mid October (11th, if I remember correctly).  There will probably be three of them.  I approved the art work a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to scan it in, but just haven't been able to get around to it.  It's a black and white billboard.  The sign says, 

Nothing says, 'Please don't rape me' like a

Where instead of the oversized photo of a revolver we have a outline drawing of a gun that is about the same size as the font.  Then in smaller type is the SAF address, phone number and web site.  I'll get the artwork scanned in and up here soon.

Keep sending money, we would like to keep these up continuously (and move them around in Seattle).  And putting them up in other cities would be cool too.  Wouldn't it be cool to have one up in Washington, DC where the congress critters could look out their window at it every day?

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