Kimberly Joe Huffman-Scott is our oldest daughter. She was named after me, Joseph Kim Huffman. Kimberly was one of the few kids in her elementary school that could climb all the way to the top of the gym (about 25 feet) on a rope. She also holds one of the school flexibility records. She shot an SKS rifle (with a bipod and scope) for the first time when she was seven and was quite thrilled to hit the milk jug filled with water (BIG splash) with her first shot. She is extremely outgoing and finds friends everywhere she goes.

Kimberly's most admirable, as well as most aggravating, trait is her determination. Right or wrong she will do what she wants to do. When she was five I sent her to her room for misbehaving. After I held the door shut for several minutes it got quiet and I went back downstairs to finish doing the dishes. A few minutes later I heard someone on the swing set outside. I discovered it was Kimberly. She HAD to come down the stairs through the kitchen to get outside, didn't she? No. She opened the window, climbed out onto the roof, then jumped off the roof into the back yard so she could play. My wife declared that we are moving out in the woods miles from other people and home schooling her before she became a teenager.  We didn't do that.  She is now a teenager at Moscow Junior High.

She is very competitive and loves show up "the boys" (in particular her big brother).  I took her along on a boy scout outing to a laser tag place where she beat everyone, including me, the scout masters, and all the boy scouts.  Afterwards she asked me if we could get her score card laminated.

Just today (February 29th, 2000) my wife related the following store to me about Kim:

This morning Kim misplaced her Math book and we had to do one of our major searches to find it but she missed the bus anyway. For a punishment I made her talk with me about school. (Oh no!  Stuck in the car with Mom and I have to talk with her.) So she told me the problems she had been having with the boy who has a locker next to hers. Apparently he opens his locker door so the the door obstructs Kim's locker and she can't get in to get her books out. He ignored her when she asked him not to do that. Finally, Kim started holding his locker closed with one hand while she would get her books so he started calling her names like bitch and worse. After a few days Kim got very tired of the names and she grabbed his hat and threw it down the hallway and got her books out in peace. She said, "Now he stands back from the locker while I get my books out, Mom. He won't even come near the lockers if I am there. Boys can learn: they're slow but they can learn. It's kind of like training dogs but boys aren't as smart."

Kimberly also likes to cook, play with her dog, build things, and do science stuff.

Her first sentence was, "I do it." That become "I WILL do it MYSELF.", then in grade school it was "I'll do it myself." And now it's "I'm not a child anymore.  I can handle it."

Kimberly is thirteen  years old.

Here are some pictures from a science project she worked on a couple years ago.  A maze for her dog to go through.

EmptyMaze.JPG (31604 bytes)

The empty maze with some clear plastic over the top so Leo (the dog) won't cheat.

Starting.JPG (27437 bytes)

Leo just starting into the maze.

Middle.JPG (16081 bytes)

In the middle of the maze.

End.JPG (19714 bytes)

And at the end.

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