July 31, 1998 -- Intermountain Tactical Rifle Team Championship

Winners.jpg (61790 bytes)

This is my partner Even Skaarer and I.  We were the winners!

The complete results and report can be found at http://www.rsengraving.com/dvc/98wiley.htm#team. The phrase "Tactical Rifle Team", is the PC term for sniper team.  It was a sniper marksmanship and teamwork exercise.  Great fun! 

A few comments about the above picture.  Even isn't holding the rifle he shot with.  Both the one above and the one he shot at the match were borrowed!  He was visiting from Norway and stopped by to visit a friend and shoot in the match.   Even shot better than I did and I have to give a great deal of credit to him for making it possible for us to win.  I was wearing a JPFO tee shirt that said (among other things), "Never let go of your life preserver!".  In the center of the life preserver was a picture of an AR-15 rifle.  I have had a lot of very positive comments about the shirt.  You can purchase your own from the JPFO.  Above and behind us you can see a road that winds around the side of the mountain.  Directly above the muzzle of my barrel is where the last of ten mandatory targets were.  It was at about 250 yards away.  Further to the right, along the road were the other nine targets, the closest being about 150 yards away.  Targets 1, 3, 5, 7 (I think), and 10 were steel, about 16 inches square.   The others were paper IPSC targets with the D zone blacked out (simulated hard cover).  If you were to extend Even's rifle barrel to the road above his right shoulder and you had a high enough quality picture, you would see the "close bonus" target.  It was about 450 yards from the shooting positions (approximately where we are kneeling.).  You could shoot it at any time during your run, on the command of your team leader, and if you hit it, 30 seconds would be subtracted from your time.  Directly above my left shoulder, on the road, was another steel target called the "long bonus" at about 550 yards.  If you hit it, 45 seconds would be subtracted from your time.  I didn't even try it. I had not shot my rifle past 220 Meters prior to this match and felt fortunate to hit the short bonus on my second shot.  Even got the short bonus without difficulty and shot twice at the long bonus and missed both times.  Because I couldn't see where the bullets were hitting I told him to stop trying and go on to the mandatory targets.  I don't know for certain it was the best thing to do, but it turned out to be good enough to win.

ShortBonus.JPG (37842 bytes)

View of the shooting area from the "Short Bonus" target.

No, that isn't a Light Saber and that isn't a couple of flying saucers in the lower portion of the picture.  It's just reflections in the lens of the camera.

We did all the shooting in the Tactical Team event from just a few yards this side of the house you see in the distance.  The road to the upper left is where the mandatory targets were and the picture was taken from the short bonus target area.

YellowWolf.JPG (50752 bytes)

Yellow Wolf Ranch

Yellow Wolf Ranch (near Whitebird, ID) is where the event took place.   There is a road that cuts through the middle of the picture that leads to a house about one-fourth of the way from the right of the picture.  Sort of a dark blob in the picture above.  It was from a few yards to the left of the house that we shot at the mandatory targets on the road you see in the middle of the picture.  The bonus targets were across the canyon you see this side of the road.  This canyon was of great concern to me.  The wind a few feet above the ground can be much greater than at ground level.  What would the windage be for bullets 100 feet above the ground?   The wind was shifting directions too.  One minute it would be from the left at 5 to 10 MPH, and then a couple minutes later it would be 5 to 10 MPH from the right.   But it turned out to not be much of a problem.  Nearly everyone was able to hit the short bonus with no more that three or four shots.  Not many people tried the long bonus and even fewer people hit it.

RifleStage.JPG (48469 bytes)

A portion of the rifle stage for the Wiley Coyote 3 Gun match.

This wasn't part of the Tactical Match, but it was at the same location the following two days.  The small (about 4' x 4') wall with the small hole (the shooting port) in it was one of the shooting positions for engaging the various targets you see in the background.  The targets varied from about 50 yards to about 150 yards away.  A minimum of twenty six shots on this course.  It was shoot, run, shoot, run, shoot, etc.  I did very well on this stage until I had to shoot standing up.   I had a great deal of difficulty holding the gun steady in that position.  I need to practice that.

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