Barbara A. Scott

Barb has been a physical therapist since about 1979 but has been wanting to work on her writing for a number of years. In February '96 she quit her job so she could do that, as well as spend more time with the kids. She completed one book, but despite opinions to the contrary decided it wasn't good enough to even send to a publisher. She is part way through a second book. Here are some samples of her short stories.

Can't Say Goodbye Again. Very short romance. Written for a contest in the Writer's Edge Ezine (defunct web site).

The Medicine Cabinet. This is what I call one of her "Anti-Romance" stories. Others have compared it to Hitchcock because of the suspense, story twists, and surprises. Very good stuff.

The Rose. Another "Anti-Romance" story. Definitely Hitchcock like.

Last modified: October 27, 1998