James (Jamie) Lloyd Huffman-Scott is our oldest child. He was named after both his Grandfathers. At school Jamie is in the "Gifted and Talented" class and does best with math. He taught himself to count when he was only 18 months old. When he was not quite four he was extremely frustrated because he couldn't read. He demanded to learn to read. He knew all the alphabet, recognized his name and those of his family but constantly wanted more. We finally agreed to take him to a private school on an open house day to "check it out". We walked in together with Jamie leading the way. Without his mother or I saying a word he identified someone who appeared to be in a position of authority and walked up to her and told her, "Hi! I'm Jamie Huffman-Scott and this is my Father Joe Huffman and my Mother Barbara Scott. I want to go to school here." The teacher's eyes opened wide, glanced at us and then she gave Jamie her full attention as she shook his hand and introduced herself to him. She offered to show him around and he walked off with her without even a backward glance to us. We tagged along, but it was clear Jamie knew what he wanted. School is still something he enjoys tremendously.

When he was in the first grade one of his favorite games was to pretend he was a computer subroutine. I would tell him the parameters I would pass to him, and what sort of operations he was supposed to do with them. I would call out something like "Jamie(1,5,2)" and he would perform the calculations and return the answer to me. I've been trying to get him interested in programming C++, but for now computer games, browsing the Web in search of Start Trek stuff, and doing his homework is about the extent of his computer involvement.

Jamie is used to play the piano quite well, but the only instrument he uses musically now is his voice.  He gets high praise from his chorus instructor (so what else is new? -- He gets high praise from nearly ALL his teachers).. He is in boy scouts and is active in "Palouse Performers" (singing and dancing). His favorite books are science fiction, adventure, and humor. He has been taller than his his mother for some time now and at 6' 0" is getting close to the same height as me.  And at size 15 his shoe size is two sizes larger than mine

Jamie and I enjoy play strategy games together.  We started out several years ago with Empire, then DeadLock, and now Age of Empires.  Age of Empires is a very good game.  Good in that I find it a pleasurable experience.  It's bad in that it is addictive to the point it interferes with sleep, food, and exercise, socialization, and nearly everything else I would like to do on the weekends.

His first sentence was, "I want it."

Jamie is almost 14 years old.

Last modified: February 17, 1998