Xenia Joy Huffman-Scott is our youngest child. She was named after a friend of ours (Xenia) and her maternal Grandmother (Joy Scott). At school Xenia is in the "Gifted and Talented" class. Her favorite subject in school is art. Xenia has an excellent sense of humor and will often "get" the joke before her two older siblings. She also comes up with wise cracks that are surprisingly good for her age. When she was only four years old, her older brother asked why all the bugs got smashed on the windshield of the car. As I was trying to explain, Xenia quipped, "Because they wanted to be Beetle Juice!", referring to the character in the movie, by the same name, as well as the obvious reference to smashed bugs. Xenia also loves to draw and is quite good at it. She has been moving to music since she could stand upright and quickly memorizes her songs (and those of her siblings) and dance steps for "Palouse Performers". She is a quiet person and often will be found playing or reading by herself. But she does like to talk on the phone for long periods of time to her friends.

We went on vacation to Orlando and on the way back we were stuck in the St. Louis airport for an extended period of time.  She wrote the following poems while there (March 19, 1998):

St. Louis is boring
I think I'm going to die
Out the window airplanes are soaring by
But things are boring in St. Louis

Orlando is cool
But really is hot
We were supposed to
Go swimming in Orlando

Leo means lion
Rex means King
That's my puppy Lion King

My daddy works at MS
He comes home on weekends but
I still love him whether he is near or far

Here is something she wrote for school:


Often at night as I lie in bed I think about my dadís smiling face. Even though his face is smiling it is also aging. Dad grew up on a farm. Once he fell in the barn and lost some teeth. He had to get some fake teeth and you can see them when he smiles that great smile. My dad is not as young as he used to be and is mostly bald. He is strong and sometimes over-protective. Like at the fair in September he followed me around the whole time. I love my dad and I know he loves me; I can see it in his smile.

She loves to climb and appears to have no fear of danger. She has broken both arms, one each in two different falls from high places. When she was about four, before she could swim, she fell off a dock into a cold lake during very early spring. I was about 75 feet away with the other kids and saw her legs and feet disappear over the edge as she followed the rock she was throwing into the water. I jumped in after her and was able to heave her back up onto the dock. She was completely soaked, cold, choking, and crying, but very much alive. I carried her back to the house as quickly as I could and after drying out and warming up we were none the worse for the adventure. Swimming lessons soon followed. She repeatedly, despite numerous lectures, frightened her swim instructor by going underwater and hiding beneath the platform the students were supposed to be standing on.

On April 23, 1998 I got two voice mail messages from my wife. The first was "Call me on the cell phone as soon as you can."  The second was, "I'm turning off the cell phone.  Xenia fell from the playground equipment at school and broke three fingers.  I am at the hospital in room 317 with her." Actually it was four fingers. She had surgery to manipulate them all back into their proper positions and has made a complete recovery. Barb asked the doctor if she had fragile bones or if anything wrong to cause her to break so many bones. The doctor said, "No, her bones are fine. It's just Xenia."

In addition to living dangerously Xenia likes playing with her dog, reading, sitting on her parent's laps, wrestling with her Dad, and teasing her older siblings (only moderately dangerous).

Her first sentence was, "I'm poopy." This may be due to the fact she is the youngest child and likes to be taken care of.

Xenia is 12  years old -- we keep hoping she will make it to adulthood.

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