Ch.Valeska Unbridled Sea, CC, CM
Ch. Valeska Sailor Ripley  and Renaissance Juno Beach, ROM-C
DOB 2-21-00
On 6-12-2013 Brighty passed into legend; unbridled once again.
Owners Linda Turner and Yvonne McGehee

OFA BZ-TH259/65F-PI thyroid normal at 65 months of age (5 years and 5 months old).
OFA BZ-868G65F-PI hips good at 65 months of age (5 years and 5 months old).
OFA BZ-CA403/65F/P-PI cardiac normal at 65 months of age (5 years and 5 months old).
OFA BZ-EL52F65-PI elbows normal at 65 months of age (5 years and 5 months old).
Brighty is also CERF normal at 65 months old, but I do not have her number.

To see the pedigree of Brighty :
Valeska Unbridled Sea

Brighty, 11  months old
The Brightster has made us proud by being the second of our dogs to win the NACA Borzoi Fall Classic
2-day open field coursing event in 2001!!! :-)  Brighty, ya go gal!!

Brighty finished her NOFCA titles in 7 hunts with 2 UK's.
Title date 1-12-2002.
She was the #1 NOFCA borzoi for 2001-2002.
She was also the BCOA Top Open Field Coursing Borzoi in 2001.
The #2 and BOS NOFCA borzoi for that season was her housemate, Falco.
To see Falco, click here!
Brighty was the breed winner and High Scoring Borzoi in the 2002 Grand Course,
and finished 11th out of 63 total entrants.

Her 2002--2003 season was equally successful; she had another UK, again
finished the season as the #1 NOFCA borzoi, again won the breed hunt and
High Scoring Borzoi at the 2003 Grand Course, and made it to
#10 in the Grand Course, an honor few borzoi have achieved.
She finished the season the #4 NOFCA hound, all breeds;
and was the BCOA Top Open Field Coursing Borzoi again in 2002.

She was RWB to a 5 point major at the spring 2002 BCNC Specialty
and also 4th place open bitch at the 2003 BCOA National Specialty.

Brighty finished her third season as the 2003-2004  #1 NOFCA Borzoi
and the 2003 #1 BCOA Open Field Coursing Borzoi for the  third consecutive year.
She attained her 500 point and 500 breed point NOFCA awards.
She again finished the season as the #4 NOFCA hound all breeds,
and was High Scoring Borzoi at the 2004 Grand Course.

Brighty continued to be in the NOFCA Top 10 borzoi for her fourth and fifth seasons,
2004-2005 and 2005-2006. In Feb 2005 she was 1st on one of the two days of the large Borzoi Blast-Off.

In May 2006, Brighty took 3 majors with 2 BOB over a male special,
finishing under judge George Bell. She joins the ranks of the very few borzoi
who have achieved both the Ch and CC and CM titles.

In Feb 2007, at 7 years of age, Brighty was 2nd in the borzoi breed hunt at the invitational
Grand Course. She also won her prelims both days and placed at the Borzoi Blast-Off.

Many thanks go to Linda for giving Miss Brighty opportunity to shine.

Brighty, 7 1/2 months old coursing a whitetailed jackrabbit.
Photo courtesy of Sighthound Review publications.

 "This evening, while Anna was taking
  a swim and KD trailing behind me, Bubba and the Brightster were up ahead
looking for "Peter Cottontail". I could see Bubba get up a chase with
Brighty right beside him. They took the cottontail down into the
creekbed then I heard a cry. Not a puppy cry. A bunny cry. Up comes
Bubba and no bunny. Up comes Brighty with the bunny in her mouth. She
was sooooooo proud. She held on to that bunny the rest of the way back
    to the truck while KD and Anna worked on her to drop the dead bunny. She
never did. Only until we scared up another bunny did she drop her catch".
Linda Turner, 9-17-2000

Anna and Brighty at the beach.

The young Brighty, 1 year  old

Brighty at 8 years old.
This photo taken at 8 years of age and the photo above taken at 1 year of age show the
normal differences between a young and a mature individual.

Brighty at 13 years young.

Linda with Mighty Brighty at 13.

Still strong...

....still beautiful, still Team Brighty.

Brighty, 2 years old

Brighty, 13 years old.

4th in open class at the National Specialty Reno 2003

Brighty, 20 months, at the 2001 NACA Borzoi Fall Classic, with Rusty.

Brighty, almost 2 years; Falco, 4 years

Brighty, almost 2 years old

Brighty taking RWB at a BCNC Specialty.
Brighty at the Grand Course Feb. 2005

Brighty's siblings can be seen at,
 Ch.Valeska Kings Stand Aside (Kovar)
Ch.Valeska Afterglow (Sorcha)
Valeska We All Shine On (Vikhra)
Ch.Valeska Sailaway (Lancer)


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