CH. Valeska Wilder Shores of Love
(Valeska Black Granite X Ch. New Moon Rusakovite Revealed)
Jan. 9, 1998---Nov 9, 2010
Owner Carol Enz, Rey McGehee, and Linda Turner
OFA BZ-CA309/75M/C-PI cardiac normal at 75 months of age (6 years and 3 months old).
CERF BZ-894/2004-75 eyes normal at 75 months of age (6 years and 3 months old).
Falco's children:
Out of Ch. Valeska Afterglow:
Ch. Kachina-Valeska Dream Dancer, SC
Ch. Kachina-Valeska Wind Dancer, SC
Kachina-Valeska Rainbow Dancer, SC, CM

Out of Am.Can.Ch. Symbiont Airborn Wish:
 Canadian Champion Symbiont Exemplar
Canadian Champion Symbiont Exquisite
Canadian Champion Symbiont Exclaimation

To see the pedigree of Falco:
Ch.Valeska Wilder Shores of Love.

Falco winning his first major under breeder-judge Carol Spritzer, June 2002.
 "The dotted line between serious specialization and frivolous fashion is one of PROVABLE FUNCTION (with no loss of vigor)--not subject to easy testing in the show ring where points of fashion gleam their brightest." Constance O. Miller

 Falco goes WD,BOW on 8-4-2002, judge Dale Simmonds, to finish!!!

Way to go, beautiful Baby Falco!!

In the ring at Lompoc, BCOC Specialty, Summer 2002

The first cut in open dog, Lompoc---Falco is the third dog in the ring.

BOW, 5 point major, BCOC Specialty Summer 2002, breeder judge James Gibson.

At the Trophy Supported Entry at Lost Dutchman shows in Arizona March 2003, he took BOB while housemate Sorcha, Ch. Valeska Afterglow, took BOS under breeder-judge Pat Murphy---what a day!

Falco, BOB, (right) with Sorcha, BOS (left)

Not pictured, AOM, BCOC Summer Specialty, July 23, 2004, breeder judge Fred Edlin.
Not pictured, AOM BCOC Nov. 2, 2002, breeder judge Chris Neale.

2 1/2 years old.

Falco, 13 months old

Falco, 7 weeks old.

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