Copy (not cut) and paste in an email to us (click on the mailbox icon for an email to open up), type in your answers after each pertinent question, and send!

The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide us with the information we need to help us assess how a borzoi will work for you. Please don't be daunted; many of the questions are short answers. Feel free to use as much space for your answers as you need to---you can't tell us too much about yourself! The information you provide is how we get to know you, so don't be shy.


Applicant's occupation?
If applicant is not head of household, who is?
Head of household's occupation?
Other people living at this address: children, relatives, roommates, other?
Please give ages of those under 21 years old:
Please list all current pets (dogs, cats, birds, other pets) along with their sex, age, and whether they are neutered or not if applicable:
Where are these pets kept?
Who in your home wants a borzoi?
Who will be the primary caretaker?
How do all the family members feel about acquiring a borzoi at this time?

Type of residence? (house, apt., mobile home, condo, other)
Do you own or rent, and how long at this address?
Describe residence:(rural, suburban, city)
Describe yard: (size, amount fenced, type and height of fence, pool)

Experience With Dogs
Have you had a dog before, and if so, what kind?
Do you still have these dogs, and if not, what happened to them?
Have you ever given up a dog for any reason?

Experience With Borzoi
What is your experience with borzoi?
Why do you want a borzoi and what  are you hoping for?
What activities do you want to share with a borzoi?

What personality traits and activities did you like most about your past dogs?
Have you had any problems with your previous dog(s) that you would rather not have again?
What would happen if this puppy or dog developed physical or behavioral problems that
prevented him or her from meeting your goals?
Is there a particular age and/or sex that you prefer?
What is your time frame for acquiring a borzoi?
We breed less than once per year; are you willing to wait for one of our puppies?
We select the puppies for each family, to make the best match based on our experience with our own dogs. If two or more equally suitable puppies or adults are available, then we let you and the puppies or dogs decide. How do you feel about this?

Daily Schedule
How many hours per day are you away from home?
Will there be anyone else there when you are not at home?
Where would a borzoi be during the day when you are at home?
What about during the day when you are not at home?
Where would a borzoi be during the night when you are at home?
What about during the evening/night if you are not at home?
Companions throughout the day and evening (other dog, person)?
On what occasions do you plan to use a crate, and for how long?
What kind of exercise would the borzoi get?
Describe anything else you would like to about your typical day and lifestyle, daily schedule, and how a puppy's needs or an adult dog's needs will be met:

What trainers and/or books do you admire and follow?
Are puppy socialization and/or training classes are available to you locally?
Do you plan to attend any classes with a borzoi?

Diet and Health
What do you plan to feed, and why? Do you feed meals or free feed?
Have you ever raised a puppy on this diet?
Do you have any interest in home-preparing your dog's food?
Are you willing to follow our feeding recommendations regarding brands of kibble and use of raw bones for dental health?
We use limited vaccinations and follow the University of Colorado veterinary school protocol; are you willing to follow our recomendations?
Is your vet open to fresh food, home-made diets, and/or reduced vaccination schedules?
Does your vet encourage the minimum necessary use of flea and heartworm medications, or does he or she encourage you to use them as much as possible?
Do you want to spay or neuter your borzoi?
Are you planning to breed your borzoi?
Have you bred a litter(s) before?

The Future
What are your expectations of  us as breeders?
Are you willing to stay in close contact with us and send us pictures and updates periodically?
Are you willing to ask questions and discuss problems with us?
Are you willing to return any dog you acquired from us if you are no longer able or willing to
keep him or her?

Please tell us anything you think might be important for us to know about you as a dog owner.
Also, please feel free to ask us about any questions and concerns you may have!!

This concludes our questionnaire/buyer's application.

Copyright © Rey and Yvonne McGehee 2004.