Gone But Not Forgotten.
(Valeska Sky's The Limit)
(Valeska Atazh of Twin Elms X Valeska Bela Adoro Birchwood)

Sept. 10, 1988--Jan.11, 1992
Balto was a huge dog, over 35 inches tall. Big in every way,  an unforgetable dog, everything about him larger than life, vivacious, bold, and sweet.  I will never stop missing Balto. He had life by the tail right from the start.


(Valeska Silent Running)
(Valeska Fast Times, CGC  X  Ch. New Moon Rusakovite Revealed)

Biri was a passionate hunter. She won the first NACA open field breed hunt she  went to, and  3rd place the next day in the open mixed hunt. She was Rey's free-coursing buddy, the dog who sat up glued to the windshield for hours on the way to the fields, eyes scanning the land for rabbits, and it was for her that Rey found  fields in S ID where she could course the wily jackrabbit. We lost her in 1998 at two years of age to an accident.
We still miss her very much.
The Easter Biri. Cyberbiri. Fearsome Bir-some.
RABBIT!!  Run, Biri, Run!

Biri, who was all fire and desire and knew exactly what she was for.

Beautiful Biri, 13 months old.   Jan. 6, 1996---Feb. 4, 1998
Poem for Silent Running

Valeska Bold Ransom

( Valeska Grand Slam X Natahni of Eaglecrag )
Owner Denny Richy, Idaho

Feb. 12, 1990---Dec 31, 1998

Ransom was a kind, gentlemanly dog who watched the deer and wild turkeys at the backyard feeder and snuggled in the straw of the barn with his buddy Talix.  He had a presence most people could only aspire to.  Shortly before his 9th birthday, he was puttering around in the woods just off the Richy's land, in the state forest bordering their acreage. He was brutally shot to death by an envious neighbor, recently released from prison.  His body was brought to a local roadside and dumped there where it would be seen, as a trophy. His killer went to the local bar, got drunk, and bragged  that  he had killed Ransom. Years before, as a boy, this same man had shot and killed another of the Richy's borzoi, on their property.

As a friend said, "We'd all be better off with more Ransoms in our world and fewer of the kind that took his life".

Rest well, gentle one, you were much loved.


Copyright Rey and Yvonne McGehee 2000