Russian Hunting Information
1997 Galina Zotova interview
Russian Rules for Hunting Test of Borzoi

Russian site with collection of borzoi photographs, 1930's through 1950's,
as well as many current day Russian borzoi photos.

A Russian site with a large collection of stapnaya and some old borzoi photographs.

Diet and Health Information--
including our Valeska Fresh Food Diet
Our Valeska Diet Page

The following is a list of OFA and CERF info for our individual dogs.
Valeska Borzoi OFA and CERF information

The following  page has info and links for geriatric onset laryngeal paralysis and polyneuropathy (GOLPP), degenerative mylopathy (DM),
torsion (GDV), developmental joint disease, puppy bloodwork values, raw feeding bloodwork values, vaccination, and alternative care.
Health Information

The following is an  informative site on whelping.

The following has info on tick-borne disease:
Vintage Golden Retriever's Tick Borne Disease Info

Favorite Training Links
Job Micheal Evan's "Regimen for Recalcitrant Rovers"
Suzanne Clothier's free articles

Favorite Book Source
Dogwise Books

Favorite Books--Behavior and Training
The Other End Of The Leash---Pat McConnell, PhD
Bones Would Rain From The Sky---Suzanne Clothier
Playtraining Your Dog---Patricia Gail Burnham