SORVA---Valeska Infinite Frolic
Valeska Silver Sails  X  Valeska U Can Leave Your Hat On    March 26, 2006---Sept 26, 2017

Health test results: CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) # 89484
OFA BZ-TH385/27F-VPI thyroid normal at 27 months of age (2 years and 3 months old).
OFA BZ-TH385/65F-VPI thyroid normal at 65 months of age (5 years 5 months old).
OFA BZ-CA740/49F/C-VPI-ECHO cardiac normal at 49 months old (4 years 1 month).
OFA BZ-DM302/50F-VPI (DM clear)
OFA BZ-EYE44/85F-VPI Eyes normal at 85 months (7 years 1 month old).
BZ-ACA21/126F-VPI Advanced Cardiac (10.5 years old).
BZ-TH385/135F-VPI Thyroid (11 years and 3 months old).

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2009 2-day Borzoi Fall Classic
Day 1---1st place, entry 25
Borzoi Fall Classic--2 days combined--2nd/3rd place tie

2008/2009 season, Sorva was unable to compete until spring due to an injury.
She won the one spring 2009 breed hunt she ran in after recovery, entry of 7, for 28 points.

2007 Borzoi Fall Classic
Day 1---1st place, entry 17
Day 2---1st place
Borzoi Fall Classic--2 days combined--1st place
132 points earned her first season, 2007/2008.

Sorva Coursing
Sorva, 14 weeks old.

4 years old.

3 years old.

Sorva, 3 years, left, with her mother Ouslada, 8 years,  right.

Sorva, 2 years old.

Running with Shika

Sorva's 2nd page

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Ch. Valeska Infinite Game At Lorien, JC, CGC    (Mr. Merry)
Valeska Low Down Dirty Blues    (Eroshka)


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