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~Borzoi Faces~
Borzoi Faces 1
Borzoi Faces 2
Borzoi Faces 3
Borzoi Faces 4
Borzoi Faces 5
Borzoi Faces 6

Open Field Coursing (Hunting) photos
Valeska Borzoi Coursing 1.
Valeska Borzoi Coursing 2.
Open Field Coursing 1
Open Field Coursing 2
Open Field Coursing 2002
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

Fun Photos
The Perfect Borzoi Picture
Inigo Under Sky
This one is a large page, so please be patient while loading.
Valeska Borzoi side movement
Borzoi Joy !
Borzoi Joy 2!

Group Photos
Groups1---dogs in snow
Groups2---mother with puppy
Groups3---dogs in fields

Yvonne's Computer Borzoi Art
Fun With Pixels1
Fun With Pixels2
Fun With Pixels3

Rey's Trip To Russia
Rey's trip to Russia 1
Rey's trip to Russia 2
Rey's trip to Russia 3
Rey's trip to Russia 4


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