Valeska Bistroi Shikarniy
April 8, 2007---Nov.5, 2012.
My beloved Shika; you were the best dog ever.
The very best one.
Bred by Yvonne and Rey McGehee and Dr. Carol Hannon
OFA BZ-CA613/37M/C-VPI cardiac normal at 37 months old (3 years 1 month).
OFA BZ-DM244/43M-VPI (DM clear)
Vega Shelk Shafran X Valeska We All Shine On
Young Shika had a nice first open field coursing season, 2008/2009.
Shika placed 2nd at the 2008 Borzoi Fall Classic, with an AK.
High Scoring Borzoi, Whitetail Invitational 2009

Shika's second season 2009/2010:
Mixed event, 1st of 6, 24 points
2009 Borzoi Fall Classic, 5th place tie overall
Breed event, entry 8, Shika 1st, 32 points
Mixed event, entry 6, Shika 1st, 24 points

To see Shika Coursing
To see Shika as he matures
Pictured below at 1 year old.

Funny snow pictures

Shika with his father Zadar, Sorva in the back, snowflakes big as chickens.

Photo below, Shika on his 1st birthday.

Below, Shika 5 months old.

Shika 17 weeks old.

Shika, 7 weeks old.

Shika, 8 months old, running with his father Zadar, 2 years old, winter 2007/2008.

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Valeska Bistroi Bagrijana, RA, Am.Can.CD   (Rijana)
Can.Ch.Bistroi Valeska Indomitable   (Zorki)
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