Valeska Bistroi Brilliance---Shkoda
DOB April 8, 2007     Pedigree: Vega Shelk Shafran X Valeska We All Shine On
Bred by Yvonne and Rey McGehee and Dr. Carol Hannon

Health test results: CHIC (Canine Health InformationCenter) # 89483
OFA BZ-CA609/48F/C-VPI cardiac normal at 48 months old (4 years).
OFA BZ-TH527/48F-VPI thyroid normal at 48 months old (4 years).
OFA BZ-DM322/47F-VPI-CAR (DM carrier)
OFA BZ-EYE43/72F-VPI Eyes normal at 72 months (6 years old).

2012/2013 season
NACA Open Mixed event, 4th place, entry 5 (preslip penalty), 5 points.
NACA Breed event, 2nd place, entry 6, 18 points.
NACA Borzoi Fall Classic, 5th place tie, entry 11.
NACA Breed event, 3rd place, entry 6, 12 points.
2010/2011 season
NACA Open Mixed event, entry 7, 5th place, 3.5 points
NACA Open Mixed event, entry 5, 3/4 tie, 7.5 points
2009/2010 season
Nov 2009, NOFCA Breed event entry of 12, 1st place and AK, 40 points

Shkoda had a litter of 7, 3/4, born Oct. 7, 2011. Sired by Valeska Sing The Blues.
See pedigree page, link below, for health testing and pedigree information about the parents of the litter.

Valeska Aerial Friend---Shafran
Valeska If Wishes Were Horses ---Chudak
Valeska Enchanted Country---Easy
Valeska Sweet Horizon ---Grushka
Valeska Rarest Of The Rare ---Peanut
Valeska Girl On A Swing---Brasletka
Valeska Garden Of Delights---Broshka

Picture below of Shkoda with her puppies at 3 weeks old.

Patient Mamma Shkoda with Chudak and Easy pulling her tail, 9 weeks

Below, 4 years old.

Below, 3.5 years old.

Below, 6 months old.

Photos below at 5 months

Photo below taken at 11.5 weeks

Photo below taken at 10 weeks old.

Shkoda below at 7 weeks old.

To see Shkoda's littermates:
Valeska Bistroi Shikarniy  (Shika)
Valeska Bistroi Bagrijana, Am.Can.CD, Am.CDX, U-CD, RA   (Rijana)
Can.Ch.Bistroi Valeska Indomitable, Can.FCh.   (Zorki)
Can.Ch.Bistroi Valeska Intrepid, Can.FCh.   (Divo)

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