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Feb 21, 2013
Happy, Happy, HAPPY *13th* Birthday to:
Ch. Valeska Unbridled Sea, CC, CM---Mighty Brighty
Pictured below at 13 years young with Linda Turner, the Other Half of Team Brighty.
Congratulations to you both!

And to her brother, beautiful Kovar---Ch. Valeska Kings Stand Aside
pictured at 12. 5 years old, photo courtesy Marsden Williams.
Happy, Happy, HAPPY 13th Birthday, Kovar!
Congratulations, Kovar and Marsden!

Jan 2013
Brasletka (Valeska Girl On A Swing) , Layla's sister, went to her first hunts
and qualified for the NOFCA Grand Course.
Dec 12, 2012 NOFCA breed, make up date Jan 20, 2nd place, 21 points, entry 7.
Jan 12, 2013 breed, 3rd place, 20 points, entry 11, her first time out.
Jan 13, 2013 NOFCA mixed, High Score borzoi, 5 points, entry 15.

From left to right, Graza, Laya, and Brasletka; our three girls running in the final together.

Layla (Valeska Rarest Of The Rare) owned by Linda Turner,
has accomplished a lot in both open mixed and breed events her first season:
2012/2013 season
NOFCA #1 borzoi
Qualified for the Grand Course
Jan 19, 2013, NOFCA breed, 3rd place, 20 points, entry 11.
Jan 12, 2013 NOFCA breed, 1st place, 40 points, entry 11.
Dec 15, 2012, NOFCA breed, make-up on Jan 26 2013, 1st place, 28 points, entry 7.
Dec 9, 2012 NOFCA open mixed, 3rd place, 20 points, entry 13.
Dec 2, 2012 NOFCA open mixed, 5th place tie, 2.5 points, entry 11.
Dec 1, 2012 Breed, Make-up on Jan 20 2013, 1st place, 28 points, entry 7.
Nov 25, 2012 NOFCA open mixed, 3rd place tie, 15 points, entry 15.
Oct 27 2012 NOFCA open mixed, 3rd place tie, 15 points, entry 12, first time out.

Goodnight, Sorcha (Ch. Valeska Afterglow),
BCOA 2002 National Specialty 3rd Place Open Bitch
BCOA 2005 National Specialty 1st Place Brood Bitch
BCOA 2005 National Specialty Futurity Best Brood Bitch
BCOA 2005 National Specialty Dam of Best Puppy in Specialty
BCOA 2006 National Specialty 1st Place Brood Bitch
Dam of:
Cheyenne - CH Kachina Valeska Dream Dancer SC
Mariah - CH Kachina Valeska Wind Dancer SC
Lady Hawke - CH Kachina Valeska Rainbow Dancer SC CC, CM
Indy - Kachina Valeska Shalako Dancer, SC, GRC, CM

Always "The Princess", Queen of her owner Carol Enz's heart.
A long good life. Goodbye, beautiful lady, sweet dreams.
Kovar and Brighty salute you.

And what a hard winter it's been......
Kuskaya's Ilay
July 13, 2009---Dec 1, 2012
More than beautiful.
You did everything with your whole heart.You more than ran, you flew.
Pedal-to-the-metal Man; you gave it everything you had, and then some.
You are a shooting star who danced with us in passing.


Pictured above are Ilay (Kuskaya's Ilay), 3 years old; Graza (Valeska Splendour In The Grass), 4 years old;
and Shkoda (Valeska Bistroi Brilliance), 5.5 years old. In Nov open field coursing events,
Graza tied for 1st place in an entry of 6.
At the Borzoi Fall Classic, Ilay took 3rd, and Shkoda tied for 5th, entry of 11.
They each did their best and had great courses.

Valeska Bistroi Shikarniy
April 8, 2007---Nov.5, 2012.
Our beloved Shika; you were the best dog ever. The very best.
Your great heart is in your eyes, and in everything you ever did.

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