Valeska Borzoi Pictures
and Pedigrees

~Valeska Borzoi Pictures~
Links to pages of pictures are below, arranged according to generation or other catagory.
In most photos on the following pages, our dogs are freely standing in their natural, unaltered postures.

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~The Valeska Foundation Dogs~
(Valeska Atazh of Twin Elms CD, Valeska Bela Adoro Birchwood,
Natahni of Eaglecrag, Ch. New Moon Rusakovite Revealed)
The strongest influences in our pedigrees are Valeska Atazh of Twin Elms, CD,
and Birchwood's Daschenka, top producer 1984.
To see more about them and their descendents, follow the links below:

The Valeska Foundation Dogs
Male ATAZH Descendents
Female ATAZH Descendents
Birchwood's Daschenka
Valeska Borzoi side movement

~Valeska's First Generation~
The Valeska First Generation
(Valeska Atazh of Twin Elms  X  Valeska Bela Adoro Birchwood)
Valeska Hot Streak (Zsa-Zsa), Valeska Fast Times CGC (Racer),
Valeska Grand Slam (Shango),
Ch. Valeska Chase Clouds Away CGC (Mr. Blake), Valeska Sky's The Limit (Balto)

First generation, Ch. Valeska Chase Clouds Away (Blake) and Valeska Grand Slam (Shango)
playing in a snow drift.

  ~Valeska's Second Generations~
~~(Valeska Grand Slam X Natahni of Eaglecrag)~~
Ch. Valeska Black-Eyed Susan   (Suzy)
Ch. Valeska Notorious, JC  (Saiga)
RWB and Best Bred By Exhibitor, 1993 BCOA National Specialty

~~(Valeska Fast Times CGC  X  Ch. New Moon Rusakovite Revealed)~~
Valeska Black Granite and Valeska Velveteen Revealed   (Ruslan and Velika)
 Ch. Valeska Sailor Ripley  (Sailor)
This page is large and slow to load, but worth the wait.
Sailor's children have too many accomplishments to list.

At the BCOA National Specialty, May 2006, at 10 years old, he took 2nd place in Stud Dog,
right behind his half-brother and nephew Falco who was 1st place in Stud Dog,
and next to his daughter Sorcha, who took 1st place in Brood Bitch for the second year in a row,
and to his daughter Vikhra, who was Reserve Winners Bitch.
Aug. 25, 2006, Puget Sound Borzoi Club Specialty---Best Veteran In Sweepstakes, from 10 years and over class,
judge Sandy Frei, Stormhill Afghans
Aug. 26, 2006, Puget Sound Borzoi Club Specialty---Award of Merit, from Veterans 10 years and over class,
entry 14 specials, judge Dyan Rothe, Dirlov Borzoi
Sailor's second page

From the first and second generations, pictured here are Ch. Valeska Notorious, JC (Saiga);
Ch. Valeska Chase Clouds Away, CGC(Blake);
and Ch. Valeska Black-eyed Susan (Suzy). All three are open field pointed.
Saiga lived to be 11 1/2, Blake lived to a venerable 13 1/2, and Suzy was 12.
They all passed away within a short time of each other. I wish they had stayed with me forever.

~Valeska's Third Generations~
~~(Valeska Fast Times CGC  X  Ch. Valeska Black-eyed Susan)~~
Valeska Wildheart JC   (Leica)
NACA Breed hunt winner
Leaping Leica  (Leica's second page)
The Leica puppies learning to leap!!

~~(Valeska Black Granite  X  Ch. Valeska Black-eyed Susan)~~
  Valeska Imaginif  (Zanoza)
Zanoza's second page

~~(Valeska Black Granite  X  Ch. New Moon Rusakovite Revealed)~~
  Ch. Valeska Wilder Shores of Love  (Falco)
Falco's second page
NACA Borzoi Fall Classic winner 1999
#2 and BOS NOFCA Open Field Coursing Borzoi for  2001--2002
BOS NOFCA Borzoi 2001-2002
BOW, BCOC  Summer Specialty Lompoc 7-26-2002
AOM, BCOC 11-2-2002
TSE BOB winner March 2003
AOM, BCOC 7-23-2004

BCOA 2005 National Specialty 2nd place in Stud Dog Class,
Best Stud Dog in Futurity, sire of Best Puppy in Specialty

BCOA 2006 National Specialty 1st place Stud Dog, entry of 10, 8 years old.

Falco and Sorcha have puppies!
Click here to go to the Kachina website
Falco also has a litter in Canada, bred by Katie McCormick, out of her beautiful
Can Ch Symbiont's Airborne Wishe, born on Nov. 7, 2004.

 Valeska Indelible   (Zoltan)
NACA Breed hunt winner
 Zoltan's second page
Zoltan Open Field Coursing.
 Valeska Rendezvous Revealed  (Revel)
NACA Breed and Open Mixed hunt winner
 Revel coursing the Blacktail Jackrabbit

~~(Ch. Valeska Sailor Ripley  X  Renaissance Juno Beach)~~
 Renaissance Juno Beach  (Juno)
Juno with her family

 Ch. Valeska Kings Stand Aside  (Kovar)
BOW, BCGNY Specialty Spring 2003; TSE BOW,
AOM BCGNY Specialty Spring 2004

Ch. Valeska Afterglow   (Sorcha)
Sorcha's second page
 TSE BOW, TSE BOS winner
BCOA 2002 National Specialty 3rd place Open Bitch
BCOA 2005 National Specialty 1st place, Brood Bitch,
Best Brood Bitch in Futurity, dam of Best Puppy in Specialty 2005
BCOA 2006 National Specialty 1st place, Brood Bitch

Click here to go to the Kachina website

Ch. Valeska Sailaway    (Lancer)

Ch. Valeska Unbridled Sea CC, CM   (Brighty)
Brighty's second page
Brighty at the Grand Course 2005
~~In her first season, Brighty was #1 NOFCA borzoi for  2001--2002;
winner of the Borzoi Breed hunt and High Scoring Borzoi
at the 2002 NOFCA invitational Grand Course;
 BCOA #1 Open Field Coursing Borzoi for 2001; and attained her CC and CM titles.
NACA Borzoi Fall Classic winner 2001
BCNC Spring 2002 Specialty RWB

~~In her second season, she was #1 NOFCA borzoi for  2002--2003;
winner of the Borzoi Breed hunt and High Scoring Borzoi
at the 2003  invitational Grand Course;
10th place all hounds 2003 Grand Course;
#4 NOFCA hound all breeds for 2002--2003;
BCOA #1 Open Field Coursing Borzoi for 2002.
BCOA 2003 National Specialty 4th place Open Bitch

~~In her third season, she was #1 NOFCA borzoi for 2003-2004, her third year in a row;
placed second in breed and High Scoring Borzoi in the invitational Grand Course;
attained her 500 point award and her 500 breed point award;
#4 NOFCA hound all breeds for 2003--2004;
and was BCOA #1 Open Field Coursing Borzoi for her third straight year.

In her fourth season, 2004-2005, Brighty continued to be in the NOFCA Top 10 borzoi.
She won 1st place one of the two days in the Borzoi Blast-Off in 2005.
In her fifth season, 2005-2006 she ranked again in the NOFCA Top 10 borzoi.

In May of 2006, Brighty won three majors, finishing her title and going BOB over a male special under
sighthound specialist judge George Bell. She is the fourth of her litter to finish their championship,
and she is now one of the very few borzoi to achieve both the AKC Ch title and the NOFCA CC and CM titles.

Valeska We All Shine On  (Vikhra)
NACA Breed hunt winner
2006 BCOA National Specialty Reserve Winners Bitch
2008 Western Gazehound Specialty
Best Dam in Specialty, all breeds; Runner-Up Best in Veteran Sweepstakes in Specialty, all breeds
2008 Sighthound Club of British Columbia Specialty
Best in Veteran Sweepstakes, all breeds
Best Overall Veteran in Specialty
Best Dam in Specialty, all breeds
Specialty Best of Breed from Veteran's Class---Go Vikhra!
Vikhra's second page
Vikhra Open Field Coursing  1
Vikhra Open Field Coursing 2

~~(Ch. Valeska Sailor Ripley  X  Valeska Velveteen Revealed)~~

Valeska Sea Risk, (Inigo), 8 months old.

Valeska Sea Risk   (Inigo)
Inigo Under Sky
This page is large and slow to load, so please be patient
Valeska Silver Sails  (Silver)
Silver's second page

~Valeska's Fourth Generations~
~~(Ch.Valeska Kings Stand Aside  X  Valeska Wildheart)~~

Valeska U Give Me Reason T Live, Valeska U Can Leave Your Hat On,
Valeska All Desire pedigree

Valeska U Give Me Reason T Live (Oudar), Valeska All Desire (Rubybaby),
and Valeska U Can Leave Your Hat On (Ouslada) at 17 days old.
Valeska U Can Leave Your Hat On  (Ouslada)
Ouslada's second page, shown as a mother and as a hunter.
Valeska All Desire    (Ruby)
The Leica puppies learning to leap!!

 Leica (Valeska Wildheart), pictured at 10 years old.
The following quote suits her well:
"Life is not a journey from the cradle to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW -- What a Ride!"

~~(Valeska Sea Risk  X  Valeska Imaginif)~~
Valeska Sea Risk and Valeska Imaginif and litter pedigree
Valeska Haunting Beauty  (Krilatka)
Krilatka's second page
Valeska Bed Of Stone  (Zvezdah)
Valeska Ring Of Iron  (Tildie)

~~(Vega Shelk Shafran  X  Valeska We All Shine On)~~
Zadar  X  Vikhra pedigree
Valeska Bistroi Shikarniy    (Shika)
Valeska Bistroi Brilliance   (Shkoda)
Valeska Bistroi Bagrijana, RA, Am.Can.CD   (Rijana)
Can. Ch. Bistroi Valeska Indomitable, Can.FCh   (Zorki)
Can. Ch. Bistroi Valeska Intrepid, Can.FCh   (Divo)

~~(Valeska Indelible  X  Valeska We All Shine On)~~
Zoltan X  Vikhra pedigree
Can. Ch. Bistroi Valeska Incandescent    (Feya)

~Valeska's Fifth Generation~
~~(Valeska Silver Sails  X  Valeska U Can Leave Your Hat On)~~
Silver X Ouslada Litter--Pictures and Pedigree of parents

Irtish and Brosai, 5 months old.
Valeska Infinite Frolic    (Sorva)
Ch. Valeska Infinite Game At Lorien, JC, CGC    (Mr. Merry)
Valeska Low Down Dirty Blues    (Eroshka)

~Valeska's Sixth Generations~
~~(Valeska Low Down Dirty Blues  X  Carska Cyrlica Polot imp. Poland)~~
Eroshka  X Cyrlica Pedigree Page
Valeska Splendour In The Grass     (Graza)
Valeska Shining Sea     (Cazimir)
Valeska Sing The Blues     (Vigo)

~(Kuskaya's Ilay  X  Valeska Infinite Frolic)~
Ilay  X  Sorva Pedigree
Valeska I Lightly Sparkle         (Gala)
Valeska Love In Winter        (Falca)
Valeska Lucid Dreaming         (Lucy)


~Valeska's Seventh Generation~
~~(Valeska Sing The Blues  X  Valeska Bistroi Brilliance)~~
Vigo X Shkoda Pedigree Page
Valeska Aerial Friend---Shafran
Valeska If Wishes Were Horses ---Chudak
Valeska Enchanted Country---Easy
Valeska Sweet Horizon ---Grushka
Valeska Rarest Of The Rare ---Layla
Valeska Girl On A Swing---Brasletka
Valeska Garden Of Delights---Broshka

~Imported Borzoi~
~Imported from Poland in October 2004~

Carska Cyrlica Polot    (Cyrlica)

~Imported from Russia in Nov 2005~

Vega Shelk Shafran     (Zadar)
NACA Breed hunt winner
Inigo Under Sky
This is a large page and slow to load; it has photos of Inigo, Aza, and Zadar.

~Imported from Germany in May 2008~

Turgai's Jermak       (Jermak)
NACA Breed hunt winner

~Imported from Switzerland in Oct 2009~

Kuskaya's Ilay      (Ilay)
Kuskaya's Igor       (Igor)

~Imported from Russia in June 2012~
Co-owned by Yvonne McGehee and Olga Zilberman


~Imported from Russia in Oct 2013~
Co-owned by Yvonne McGehee and Rita Rice, Aria Borzoi.

Borzie-Senavian Blistay

~Valeska Borzoi Pedigrees~

Pedigree page
A page with links to pedigrees of all our dogs.

Vikhra and Sorcha, 12 days old.

~Coursing Cup Winners~
Valeska's Open Field Coursing Cup Winners Page
Pictures of individual cup winners and placers.


Valeska Borzoi Side Movement
Photos illustrating the movement displayed by successful coursing dogs.
Most of these dogs are off lead and moving freely in their own natural way.

~CERF and OFA Health certifications~
Valeska Borzoi OFA and CERF information page

~About us and our breeding~
About us page
Our background, our life with borzoi and our breeding.

~Gone, But Not Forgotten~
Pages in memory of good friends gone.

Janis Brill

  Balto--Valeska Sky's The Limit;
& Biri--Valeska Silent Running;

Poems for Silent Running

Ransom---Valeska Bold Ransom

 Nelson---Valeska Deep Blue Sea

Rubybaby---Valeska All Desire
This page is large, as was Ruby's spirit.

Jermak---Turgai's Jermak

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